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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; December 10, the former Shanghai Xujiahui Grand Gateway, Adidas released the "2006 World Cup designated ball." On the right side of the stage, wearing a pink tracksuit shorty girl while trembling, what side of the record. "You see her badge, have forgotten picked." Staff member Adidas warned. The original NIKE store staff. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas and Nike, one of Germany's blood flowing, one wearing a large "Brooklyn" casual clothes, all the way to the rally came from abroad. Over the years, the two sports ace of the contest never stop. In 2005, the two sides desperate struggle even more exciting. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; grab grab star sports team & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; sports endorser, has always been the focus of the sports brand competition. Yao Ming from the original "Ben abandoned Nike Reebok" classic case, then Agassi fought Adidas, Nike, and so tied Liu Xiang, a perfect fit with the brand's first-line star effect already common. This year, Real Madrid soul - Robinho's contract with Nike as well as 12 months before maturity, Adidas has begun a series of confused action. & nbsp; & nbsp; However, the international sports brand reveal the long-term vision, just expose them find stars, star culture on skill. That year, Liu Xiang ran nearly 14 seconds only when the Marketing Department Zhang Tong Nike athlete refused to leave it on the left and right; but when Yao Ming did not go abroad, Reebok has also been delineated a number of years. & nbsp; & nbsp; "they always quick success not sign contracts, but to nurture each other's feelings, until the other party completely conquered so far." marketing expert Liu Hailong said. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;?? After 2000, Tiger Woods was eyeing Nike, Nike CEO Philip Knight without taking into account their own identity, go to the stadium to t cheap air jordans online he "tiger" side towels, delivery Beverages and ball pole. Tiger? Woods finally agreed to Nike, as its spokesman golf products, 5 years worth $ 100 million. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; within the ranks of Adidas and Nike, have a service for the athletes. Some of the staff are retired sports athletes, athletes on domestic demand and personal circumstances knows quite well. "Tiger" on the club a little dissatisfied, Nike would repeatedly build big bucks. Liu Xiang's foot a little discomfort, nearly one-meter-high shoe design drawings probably instant into waste. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the two companies in order to win the approval of Chinese short track speed skating team conducted months of grabbing offensive. Finally, Nike still be won. "In fact, when no ice Nike sports products. But Nike first to seize the hill." "Team Yao" planning relaxation, "said the big brands operating practices is to find the appropriate well-known athlete in a sport or sports teams such products as the spokesperson. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; relaxation that athletes for the enterprise, is always scarce. "Each field also a few highly anticipated, how to use, how to use the good is very important." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; of course, the value of players is limited. "Not every athlete is to flourish. Players no longer once glorious, or race mishap occurs, companies are also very risky." Hailong said the eye is not just staring at international companies ready-made athlete, but a clear understanding star effect to temporarily communicate with customers. Supported by a star brand's long gone. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas and Nike in some sectors even further juvenile teams, who have the potential to observe and mining, but not known small team. "2008 is the star emerged moments at home and abroad, we have to prepare." Senior Manager of Adidas China, Zhu cheap foamposites Chen Ye disclosed. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; invade another territory Adidas this year's trump card, is to "Macready" and three NBA players into the country, touring. "Obvious to grab the Nike site." Hailong gave away. Nike basketball universal origin is African-American district. Since with Mike? Jordan formed a "perfect match", the Nike basketball product has been laid dominance. Zhu Chen Ye forthrightly talk about Adidas basketball market ambitions. "Our strength has been on soccer products, Nike is now up to the market very quickly. We are farming their own land at the same time, we must increase investment in basketball." Now Adidas basketball country after another. Adidas birth of the "cage rebound" of advertising, with the 5-a-side street basketball league; and Nike is in full swing planning the "High School from 2005 to 2006 Chinese Basketball League." basketball in most people's eyes, both relaxing and fashion: two or three people can play together; clothing shoes and other derivative products are suitable for everyday wear for young people. But football is not the same, "usually need more people, but most people do not often wear nail shoes to the streets to play." Zhu Chen Ye said, which makes the promotion of basketball products have a broader mass base. "Both companies from the basketball series products, and compared to the gap in the football market, obviously much smaller." Adidas did not sell as well as a trump card: Reebok basketball strength in the market. Although Reebok had little influence in the country, but it is the NBA's sponsors. "Now see what new tricks, really want to wait for the Reebok ???????? camp, only to see the clues." Relaxation told reporters. Nike football Adidas launched a counter attack. Nike signed this year Brazil and Ronaldo. Its most prominent position on the home page, a Cheap air jordans for sale special report of Brazil's flag. China head office Nike's door, on a small TV also continuously playing a new football ad: several young of different colors, fiddled with foot ball, kicked from one country to another country . "This reflects our inherent Nike coveted traditional markets." Zhu Chen Ye said. emotional Raiders Shanghai Media Group (SMG) (referred to as "Shanghai SMG") is an insider, on this point of view, Nike and Adidas small amounts of TV advertising. The source said that if 2004 is a sports brand television advertising Petani, then this is certainly a small year. Do not seize the two companies advertising time yet? Zhu Chen Ye denied such speculation. "As the most mainstream television media, the two brands is certainly the battleground. Of course, the amount invested in the reduction is a fact. This is mainly the 2004 Olympics has been the focus of our launch in 2005, is not particularly significant event. But we still sponsored projects such as Shanghai Open. " These people Shanghai Wenguang said unlike other sports brand cosmetic products, its investment in TV advertising has been limited. "Kentucky appear in a program, then, McDonald's will soon follow. However, if the Adidas sponsored a column, not into the mix of Nike." Nike is an advertising agency said. His statement was endorsed by the Shanghai Media advertising department. Zhu Chen Ye say that sports brand is still relatively low profits. "After all, we are real clothes and shoes, the cost will be higher." Hailong analysis, sports brand in the target population between 16 to 26 years, unless some major television program, these young people that they do not watch TV, but to immerse yourself in the world: such as schools, streets , basketball courts, soccer fields, and so on. "These sports brand in Advertising and edge media (such as sports air jordan 11 space jam for sale magazines) put on a ratio of about 40%." a lot of money Nike and Adidas hit the most activity. Because only more activity, in order to trigger the target population inner impulse. Hailong analysis, we are competing for the same group: love sports, young and dynamic, excluding consumption costs. Trace the origin, sports brand and the company hopes to reach more of their emotional resonance. once very famous Nike slogan "Justdoit", Adidas's "Impossible is nothing" and other slogans have revealed new sports company's marketing strategy. Nike and all the stars of signing the contract, there is a number of times a year touring terms. Adidas also slowly from the technical content of promotional products, turned to philosophy and brand of indoctrination. Meanwhile, Adidas and more focus on creating sports scenes such as tissue adventure, climbing, polar project. 2008, is sponsoring the Olympic Games Adidas ahead of the competition, or the king of Nike continue unmatched? We wait for answers.all kinds of solid color shoes are summer Sneakerhead's favorite, especially for girls, the temptation of small white shoes naturally do not have much to say. Jordan Brand will soon launch a Air Jordan 11 Low " Frost White" only a girl size small white shoes. However, the toe is not leather, and some white snake feeling, is it Bai Suzhen? as the saying goes, "under the north card, no ugly shoes."." This Punchline is not without reason. As the most beautiful color in the hearts of Sneakerhead, North Carolina is absolutely a belief in the general existence. Right now, Jordan Brand again for new shoes, Flyknit Trainer 2 brings UNC color - not out of sight, especially the gradient color crystal bottom, let a person move.and now, the news of his signing with Jordan Brand has been spread. Mike Conley has been a member of Adidas since the beginnin cheap air jordans g of the new season. Until last year, when the contract expired, it entered the period of free "wearing shoes". What he wore mostly were Under Armour sneakers. It can't help associating him with Under Armour. And now the news is a surprise, let's look forward to its version of the PE version of Jordan!& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Last week, Nike released a series of new color in spring and summer 2014, and immediately followed this week released the latest FC247 spring and summer series of new color. This time, the Brazilian artist Wagner - Pinto's help, Nike gives this street football series new visual elements. World Cup host country Brazil visual elements are used in over this series. The iconic Maracana stadium, outdoor street football scene, trophies have Brazilian specialties, as well as a variety of wildlife in Brazil have demonstrated a variety of Brazilian football culture. Nike is trying to cater to match those on the streets or doing small games, have more spoiled street football lovers can even choose your favorite shoes in the FC247 series any more than any other big sports brands. Whatever the venue, you can find the right shoes, Elastico Finale designed for indoor small field design, Bomba Finale let you dominate people grass, while Lunargato make you race in the streets with ease. Last year, Nike re-establish a new brand in this series since various trendy color update is dizzying, the current view, 2014 will also be the case. Nike may be released in the first wave of new color in March, when less than a week, may well be the second wave hit. The new color let us look forward to more future FC247 series would look like. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network of global fashion network & Cheap foamposites for sale nbsp; shoe.)In recent years, New Balance in the shoe market unusually hot, lead can see the 574 sight, to make more fresh elements into the New Balance brand, recently finally returning to the New Balance 577 launched a new series of Seaside. The series consists of two different colors of New Balance 577, two shoes and insoles are loaded on the tongue in the Logo series, in order to highlight the theme, but also add a touch of fresh and bright for the upcoming spring quarter, while the British production of noble descent also ensures excellent quality of the series. 13963103O1KP-101059.jpg (40.78 KB, download number: 10) download 2014-4-1 09:30 upload 13963103O33I0-116061.jpg (35.33 KB, download number: 10) download 2014-4-1 09:30 upload 13963103O44A0-12SH.jpg (45.66 KB, download number: 10) download 2014-4-1 09:30 upload 13963103OE20-14XW.jpg (42.16 KB, download number: 10) download 2014-4-1 09:30 upload 13963103P00V0-161619.jpg (38.51 KB, download number: 10) download 2014-4-1 09:31 upload 13963103O5UZ-136094.jpg (40.26 KB, download number: 10) download 2014-4-1 09:30 upload 13963103OOG0-159255.jpg (55.19 KB, download number: 10) download 2014-4-1 09:31 upload 13963103P1GF-1H137.jpg (41.21 KB, download number: 10) Thai Ministry of Commerce recently announced that, due to the continuous appreciation of the Thai baht, this year's 1-6 28 items of luxury goods imports totaled $5 billion 410 million, an increase of 18.24%. Concern in the commerce department worries that the growth of luxury imports will lead to a reduction in consumer domestic goods. The top 7 imports of goods amounted to: 1, household appliances, imports of $1 billion 360 million, an increase of 30.4%; 2, general supplies $1 billion 40 million, growth of 9.7 Thai Ministry of Commerce recently announced that due to the continuous appreciation of the Thai baht, imports this year 1-6 month 28 luxury goods totaled $5 billion 410 million, up 18.24%. Concern in the commerce department worries that the growth of luxury imports will lead to a reduction in consumer domestic goods. the top 7 imports of goods amounted to: 1, household appliances, imports of $1 billion 360 million, an increase of 30.4%; 2, general supplies of $1 billion 40 million, an increase of 9.7%; 3, medical supplies, imports of $810 million, an increase of 13.7%; 4, Vegetable & Fruit and processed products of $210 million, growth 18.6%; 5, milk and milk products $200 million, an increase of 3.7%; 6, watches and accessories for $180 million, an increase of 5.6%; 7, cleaning supplies and cosmetics for $160 million, growth of 1.9%. In addition, imports of jewellery, mineral water, soda water and drinks, footwear and other commodities have increased substantially. (editor in chief: admin)UKER by Neighborhood Co Levis launched the 2009 winter warm denim jacket, which was designed differently from a traditional denim coat, and was made into an elastic fabric at the collar. Shoulder with LUKER blue, pocket also Beaded zipper; in the left chest pocket on the Levi's and LUER word Tag is also a commodity selling point, the starting price of 61950 yen. color has always been a variety of Air Huarache, and then push the new color, to jelly as inspiration, combined with white, orange, pink, three color rendering of the whole, like to sell adorable little sister paper, appetite? Russia is ready to join the WTO. Is China ready? : facing Russia, which is about to enter the WTO gate, is China prepared as an important Russian economic and trade partner? As early as October 2004, China and Russia signed bilateral documents on Russia's accession to the world trade organization. Experts believe that the WTO entry will have enormous and far-reaching impact on all aspects of Russian social and economic life and the international trade pattern. Russian market access and investment environment will change markedly. This will have a broad and profound impact on Sino Russian economic and trade cooperation, especially the economic and trade relations between the two adjacent areas. However, it is believed that Russia's entry into the WTO will bring new opportunities as well as new competitions and challenges for the expansion and deepening of Sino Russian economic and trade cooperation. : first of all, accession to the WTO will enable Russia to reduce market access threshold, and is conducive to Chinese enterprises to expand commodity export potential. Russia's import tariffs have been relatively high, but after joining the world trade organization, Russia must be required by the WTO to reduce the tariff level to 5% of the standard. To meet this requirement, the Russian government has, since January 1, 2001, adjusted the list of imported commodities and lowered the import tax rate. This provides opportunities for reducing import costs, expanding export potential, and enhancing the market share of our traditional advantageous commodities in the Russian market. but after the Russian market access threshold has been lowered, competition in its low-end products market will be more intense. At present, besides the agricultural and sideline products, garments, textiles, shoes, household appliances and so on are still the main commodities of our country's exports to russia. For a long time, these products in the Russian market in addition to the price advantage does not have other obvious competitive advantage, many of these commodities is not on the formal shops, boutiques counters, can not flow into the main channel, only around the open-air market. After Russia entered the WTO, it opened the market to other WTO members while opening up the market to china. Chinese goods are bound to compete more fiercely with other members of the goods. second; the improvement of the market environment after Russia's entry into the WTO will help Chinese enterprises to carry out economic and trade activities in accordance with international practices. After joining the WTO, Russia must fundamentally amend and perfect the legal system in accordance with the rules of the world trade organization, increase transparency, strictly enforce the law, and organize economic and trade activities in accordance with international practices and market mechanisms. This is beneficial for Chinese companies to do customs declaration, tax payment, sale and settlement in accordance with formal channels, so as to help them participate in fair competition, thus ensuring the legitimate interests of Chinese enterprises. after entering WTO, corrupt and inefficient Russian customs and other foreign institutions will be governance, trade order will be rectified, as the "gray customs clearance" gradually resolved, formal trade will get new development opportunities. Mesh) Chile National Bureau of Statistics 6 released data show that the country's consumer price index in December last year, an increase of 0.6%, and the annual consumer price index has increased by 4.4%. in addition, clothing and footwear price year-on-year decline, clothing prices fell 1.5%, 2% decline in the price of shoes. with last December consumer price index released last year, Chile's inflation target of 4% is broken. Earlier, the Chilean Central Bank has 5 interest rates and initial success, last June will be expected to reduce inflation by 4.3% to 4%. (editor in chief: Asian shoes industry)