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GUESS Originals x A$AP Rocky Pop-Up fourth series of joint station activities came to Shanghai, the address is certainly one of the trend of Shanghai index Juice shop, we are also very pleased to get the Juice sent an invitation, let us together to look at the scene. this event, has always only fun juice, in each floor for everyone to prepare some toys. is just like a cozy home on the second floor, so you can Chill with your friends here. since it's candy and ice cream party, how come they're short? (PS: Super delicious, little knitting, almost eaten, forgot work) super nice ice cream, everyone is waiting in line to eat. Juice took everyone back to the age of Mario. although there are so many interesting things, but don't forget, we are here to buy clothes. Juice, the cool and fun Party, also attracted Chen Xingru, Cheng Yingjie and other fashion bloggers to come to play, of course, there are a lot of people at the scene, but also gathered here. if you're in Shanghai, then it's definitely worth visiting. GUESS Originals x A$AP Rocky joint series will continue from 28 to 30, oh, do not miss it. Juice Shanghai store 〈br 832, Julu Road, /〉 APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! Supreme 2017 winter first released by other, eye-catching color elements in hoodies and sports pants, black coat pattern will herald and street artist Mark Gonzales once again cooperate. , are you looking forward to that? APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!There are many models fitting shoes, Jordan Brand's Air Jordan this? 6-17-23? Air fusion? Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 17 classic elements, two a difference of more than 10 years of the shoes do fusion, showing retro technology and feel, color is this Jordan Brand? Pushing Infrared? The 23 series, the white shoe collocation red dotted details, in April 5th officially SOLD abroad. source: sneakernews?After the release of from the critically acclaimed Air Max? Hyperposite and the new color to launch, this is still a black metallic blue color, small at first sight, this pair of color has reminded me of the dark knight ZK 5 color, with beautiful color of the Air Max Hyperposite in addition to carrying? Fuse space and shoe vamp, the weight of a person? Why AIR MAX is also quite attractive, foreign expected re cheap air jordans online lease date in November 15th of this year the price is 225 dollars?. source: sneakernews? in Taiwan shoes culture just took off, to buy sports shoes or related equipment is not so easy, then one of the Taiwan city contains several Shilin, there will be such a factor is the geopolitical relations there are many schools around the great demand for related products, at the same time, is also the student Shihlin Night market hot spots, although today buy shoes this file is made a lot of convenience, but at Taiwan is still a war zone, the editorial department today is invited to Under Armour here a total of three floors of the flagship store opening, for the period of University School in the vicinity of the editor, is to relive the memories of the past, and as a sports brand in recent years the rise of the fastest, Under Armour ahead of the exhibition shop certainly will not miss this place a hotly contested spot. Star Yu International General Manager Wang Liren said, the Shihlin Night Market and the neighboring region is particularly young, is the key indicators of famous night market focus and North Taiwan shoes trend, of which the most diverse basketball shoes products, is the district to attract young ethnic characteristics. The UA also features for the District, including the Curry Two high top basketball shoes, the upcoming Curry Two low basketball shoes and other goods, the full range of SC30 clothing and all kinds of sports equipment, are selected in the UA flagship store to sell a full range of shilin. is the sharp eyed prospecting shoe should only see "the words of the upcoming Curry Two low Under Armour basketball shoes", today specially will be the flagship store opening event synchronization as Curry 2 Low will be released, especially to the scene to know with several color debut, is today the day before the surprise, and have Facebook on their first exposure black version of the Taiwan Beer guard Jiang Yuan as a guest. Jiang Yuan revealed that Stephen Curry is his idol, and can have the opportunity to work with UNDER ARMOUR as much as Curry, and feel very happy. In addition to the product platform, opening technology challenge held on the same day the donated shoes made the demonstration site he took the lead for the media, on the Internet movie last seen Stephen Curry actually have engaged in similar training, of course, the difficulty will increase a lot, but the principle is to lay a good foundation for coordination and response, as the brand has been in the realization of self challenge with spirit, the success of the Curry equipment in addition to hard, no less. then of course not vulgar to please assist on the Curry 2 Low Yuan Jiang technology, the official information provided is very clear there are three main technologies, including UA Charged Cushioning energy in the end, at the same time buffer and provide feedback to the average distribution of soft and hard materials. The UA Speedform is fully fitted to the feet to make the movement smoother and more responsive. Lightweight ventilation gives comfort, heel external stabilizers Taiwan has been listed, the price: 3580 yuan, 9 US, 6 oz men's weight, belong to barefoot shoes. Upper body adopts comfortable soft leather and mesh cloth. In the end the height difference before and after the scattered, the full sense of ground. The midsole, side, and bottom are designed with dense curved grooves with excellent flexibility. Suitable to begin to engage in barefoot training and jogging in the consumer, so you can train to the foot at the normal pace of life. source: SkechersJordan 1 Flight is a Air based Jordan? 1 and Air? Jordan 4 new works, Air Jordan 1 big background with many? Air Jordan 4 elements together to make the performance feeling pretty good, follow the steps of 9? Air Jordan launched the Photo Blue? And Olive and Cool?? Grey color, now in the famous shoes website? Foot Locker officially started selling? Interested friends can go and see. what, is, the, best, antivirus, software, for, windows, source: sneakernewszp8497586rq?With the playoffs like a raging fire, BRANDBLACK also launched the "Playoff" version of the player's number one star Jamal Crawford recently, you can see many of the shoes are used in a large area of red color as the spindle, the back line with this upsurge, the designer will J.Crossover 2 substrate with bright and bright red, and collocation the golden python with the overall visual, thus creating extreme sense of luxury, Xiao Bian think if worn out must pay New Year's call quite suitable! source: HYPEBEAST / Sneaker NewsThe release of ? Jordan Super.Fly 2 new color with yellow as the main colors, and two blue collocation to create a sense of hierarchy, the overall color is a little blue color, the feeling, at present this color in foreign countries has been officially on sale, love friends please pay close attention to offering information on Taiwan. source: Afew?2014 World Cup championship will be a match between Argentina and germany. In jiqiangkaida occasion, Adidas made the final film to celebrate the two players fight all the way to the highest palace, the film contains two players Messi, M, di; ller Marí a, Neuer, Sch RRLE, Lavezzi, ZIL and Schweinsteiger, each player? Is to add a star Jersey work. Next week, we'll know who's going to win the 2014 trophy, and the awards will be made public! source: Sole Collector Aaron Kwok in breaking up with Lynn, in an interview with shoes as a metaphor: "like a pair of shoes don't fit, feet are often uncomfortable, you will want to change a comfortable pair of shoes, we have to walk every day, like nearby of friend should find the right to wear up, code will not hurt themselves, to bleeding, wound is not healing, find another pair may be better, the feelings of the world are think so." in general, regardless of your feet feet wide, or toe shoes back, running shoes are usually a good choice. But Guo king so afraid of the shoes do not fit, we from the view of his daily mix, running shoes on the foot rate is minimal, managed to see Guo king put on a pair of running shoes, but also to complete the endorsement tasks, such as: although Guo king wear what is his freedom and his shoe theory "is not without reason, but Xiaobian think, choose a shoe like looking for a partner, especially running shoes, can not see it whether it was good, so we want to how to find the right shoes? first of all, at least you have to know yourself: choose a pair of shoes suitable for their own, to understand their own foot type. Inversion of pronateur= too the lateral heel wear the medial forefoot wear called overpronation varus supinateur= insufficient: the hind paw paw is lateral wear under pronation, calledin this world there are three kinds of foot shape: Pronation over: inversion (internal rotation) over pronation: normal foot Pronation under: the inner spiral (internal rotation) is less than each foot are relevant to you and the arch height. The fastest and easiest way to test is the "wet foot test": in the tray water poured into a small amount of will be a foot completely immersed in water foot wet will foot on a blank piece of cardboard on deep on foot after up, then the watermark is your paper arch shape. : normal arch normal arch you can wear any type of running shoes, generally stable Department shoe is best, because it can provide enough support to you in the middle of the arch of the foot. For the light weight, the normal arch runner, neutral slow shock without any support of shoes more appropriate, from the point of view of mechanical motion. This is the most efficient. : low archEasy low arch heel you run outside and form overpronation, easy to increase the joint.The Barry Barry (Farms) community, located in the southeastern part of Washington, is famous for its popularity in the basketball world. Washington local time on July 13th, the Nike team (New York) against Washington, Washington Street Legend of basketball 'Goodman League' fierce competition opened the 2012 world basketball Carnival Washington station prelude. Goodman League, the final home team, beat Nike by 113 to 110.Jordan's son, Marcus Jordan, wants to open a shop. Although it's still in the stage of choosing a site, we can think of a series of shoes that make people drool! And Jordan's big daughter is also not idle, it involved in the design of a pair of Jordan Jasmine has started the market! The whole shoe refers to 1 of the profile of Air Jordan, but in the details of the design is more delicate, but slightly but it is only for female friends to create exclusive, number 768927-109, love friends can concern. Nike Lunar Force 1 launched a new product, this kind of shoes in black leather with red fuse, red swoosh and heel with noble camouflage nylon material, the new Nike Lunar Force 1 Fuse LTHR color will be on sale in June 29th, the number of 599839-600. 2012-3-2 09:40 upload and download the attachment (69.27 KB) Jordan Brand plans to launch in March of a new color Air Jordan 2012 Deluxe in Jordan, this Facebook page called "Tinker Hatfield" don't note in wingtip style color for inspiration, black / white leather punching and size collocation rules this basketball shoe is more than the actual taste gentleman, on the basketball court, perhaps a tuxedo wearing more appropriate collocation. Another detail that does not appear in the official picture, the inside of the color matching, the Chinese version is printed with "Qinglong" two words location, printed with a long black wings of the dragon, what is the design intention? Wait for more official news. This black / white Air Jordan 2012 Deluxe will be on shelves in March 14th. The price is expected to be $223. F5 K8; H4 U% V" m Q $k& _7 ^% L4 F6 e Nike Air Up classic shoes after Vac-Tec will be the new Nike Air remodeling after Up'14 shoes. There is a variety of color in the next year, the most attention is undoubtedly Penny Hardaway with the Orlando magic color. January 18, 2014 official release. : yesterday, after exposure to a new color Melo M9, today comes another Melo M9 color similar to the vamp pattern. The combination of grey and white, combined with a band of white fluff around the shoe, makes the pair of Melo M9 feel like snow boots. (Nightwing2303 think of it as "Star Wars" Liluke wearing Hoth Outfit, but actually it is a kind of snow clothing) this seems to be built for the autumn and winter exclusive color, has been in for sale.Create